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General information.

What you need to know before booking a space with us

Our Services To You
GP Studios by Get Parked can provide blank canvas venue hire in both small and large spaces. We do not provide an event coordinating service. Venue Hirer's will be required to supply any additional services such as security, portaloos and sound equipment at their discretion. These services may be required as per the Venue Hire Agreement that's tailored to your event. 

GP Studios by Get Parked does not support underage use of alcohol and/or illicit substances and will not provide a venue if it is requested to be used for this reason whatsoever. 

Expectations of The Provider (GP Studios/Get Parked)

  • Liaise with Event Coordinator through the enquiry process

  • Provide quote and venue hire agreementAdvise on venue hire restrictions

  • Provide access instructions

  • Inspect venue post event for cleanliness & damage

  • Suggest and provide details for companies that can organise services you may need

Expectations of The Hirer

  • Coordinate event including the booking of other services such as security, entertainment, portaloos etc.

  • Responsible for any damages to the venue or property with the venue as a result of any action during planned event

  • Venue must be left in the same or better condition as provided

  • Enforce no smoking on premises

  • Acknowledge local authority noise restrictions that may apply

  • Must carry full Public Liability insurance and any other insurances relevant to event being held

  • Event associated fines are fully payable by the Hirer

  • Comply with the signed written agreement as provided by Get Parked

Requirements and Considerations
Your event may be required to follow some or all of the following:

  • An upfront deposit of $250 is due to initially secure your approved booking

  • Venue hire fee is due in full no later than 10 days before event, inclusive of bump in/bump out periods either side of event

  • A debit/credit card is required to be submitted, regardless of payment method

  • Security hire is compulsory for large parties/events, with security licences to be provided at least 7 days before event

  • First aid hire is high recommended for large parties/events

  • For events including underage attendees: a minimum of four parent/guardians/supervisors must be present during event and liaised with prior

  • Registering the event with local police is compulsory for large parties/events - they will work with you if you notify them

  • Portaloo hire is required for large parties/events at some venues

  • Local resident letterbox drop is recommended for loud and/or large parties/events-  this reduces chances of being closed down by noise complaints

  • A copy of your Public Liability insurance Certificate of Currency may be requested for large parties/events

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Frequently asked questions

What are your venue capacities?

Our venues are suitable for intimate events from just 5 people, through to industrial warehouses with the capacity for over 1000 people. See our venue options.


What information do you need to quote?

See our venue hire enquiry webform


How much does a venue cost?

Each venue cost varies depending on type/nature, size, venue, date and time of event, and any additional involvement that may be required of the GP Studios/Get Parked team. After providing details about your event, a member of the Get Parked team will be in touch with a personalised quote.


What does the hire fee cover?

  • Venue contact leading up to event

  • Access and use of site from bump in to bump out

  • Coordination of venue booking and any correspondence required


It does NOT cover any costs for cleaning, damages, or additional items that may need to be hired (such as portaloos, security, sound, lighting or decorations).


What insurances are required?

The Hirer must carry full Public Liability insurance and any other insurances relevant to the event being held. The Hirer warrants that such insurances will be current and will provide a copy to GP Studios/Get Parked if requested.

Is there anything else that needs considering?

Electricity, security, portaloos, sound, parking etc.


Running your event as a 'private party' means you can supply and BYO all your own food and beverage (inc alcohol) but not 'sell' to your guests. See important information as explained.


BYO Options

BYO alcohol is permitted at certain venues, provided the alcohol is free for guests and not to be sold. If you wish to serve alcohol you will need to apply for and obtain a Special Occasion Permit (SOP). Private Event SOPs are for occasional events for invited guests only. Alternatively, a caterer can sell food and alcohol at an event for which admission tickets are sold, which generally would not be considered a private party. The Hirer is not permitted to supply their own food or beverages without prior approval from GP Studios/Get Parked.

Under 18 Parties

As outlined in the Hirer's Rules and Responsibilities, if you are hosting an underage event please note that alcohol is not permitted. GP Studios/Get Parked does not police your door, entry, ID checks, security or party rules so it's up to Hirer to enforce this and/or control access if you require your guests to show ID/be checked off by name. If your event hosts both under and over 18s, we recommend you have different coloured wristbands for under and over 18s.


We would love to share your event pictures on our social media and with future venue hire enquirers to show them what is possible! Be sure to tag us in your pictures -

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